Our Solutions & Services: Brilliant Bespoke LED Displays & Screens

We integrate our collective expertise and latest technologies to offer you a variety of services to fit all your installation and content needs. Whether you need a custom animation for your digital billboard or LED display, High-Definition video, or ways to promote your corporate branding, you can count on us.

Outdoor LED Screens & Displays

LEDtronics outdoor LED display and screen solutions are designed to deliver targeted and vivid visuals on your front door. Grab your customer's attentions with high-impact content.

Make A Brilliant Statement And Seize Attention

LEDtronics provides many specialized products and services catered to outdoor usage. These displays are brighter and more durable to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide a crisp and clear visual during daylight.

Indoor LED Screens & Displays

For all your creative, custom LED displays - LEDtronics can provide creative form-factors and shapes that will defy expectations.

A Brilliant LED Display Uplifts Any Interior

LEDtronics provides high resolution LED modules for indoor usage, so the visuals stays crisp and sharp no matter how close the audience is. The brightness of the LED is also programmed to provide a comfortable viewing experience.

Digital Signages & Video Walls

LEDtronics offers a premium range of Digital Signages and Video Wall solutions to fit any type of interior and to cater for a wide range of applications.

Highest Resolution, High Contrast

LEDtronics provides 4K UHD Digital Signages and Video Walls to achieve high image fidelity and ensure your content is delivered the way it is meant to be seen.

Custom LED Installations

LEDtronics offers the best possible LED display solutions for a wide variety of sports, commercial and transportation applications.

Create Without Any Technological Limits

Whether it be channel lettering, LED logos, curved screens, Cube displays, transparent LEDs, or any other creative requirement, talk to us.

01. Expert Consultation

Our team is well equipped with sound technical knowledge. You will have full access to our knowledge!

02. End-to-End Service

We have expertise in mechanical & structural works, aluminium composite panels, signal cabling, and many more.

03. Fuss-free Maintenance

We provide comprehensive maintenance ranging from content management to technical support.

04. Quality Emphasized

Our sales and technical personnel work hand in hand to ensure only the most appropriate solutions are provided.

05. Creative Content

Looking to create a lasting impression with your content? We can help create great content for you.

06. Media Experience

We are also digital billboard media owners and have experience in the media industry.

High quality LED display solutions and services

We're with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

LED Knowledge Center

Both our indoor and outdoor displays are built from different LED modules that work together to create the big picture. Learn more about what makes them tick!

Project Management

LEDtronics has more than 20 years of experience in the LED Display industry. Find out more about our project management and service procedure!

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