Custom LED Displays: Creative Form-factors and Shapes

Freeform LED Designs

Perfect for channel letters, media facades, unconventional shapes, spectacular signage and other architectural applications; these LED elements can be used to display artistic videos, animations and visual effects. Each pixel connects to its own, individual address, so each one can be uniquely programmable and capable of supporting up to 4.4 trillion colors.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor applications, it is an ideal product to instill the drama and excitement traditional signage fails to deliver..

LEDtronics Freeform Elements offer high-definition videos on LED displays on many thrilling form-factors and shapes.

Transparent LED Designs

While transparent LED may be used as for aesthetical reasons, it can also be used as an ultra-light LED solution without the need of a bulky support structure. The transparent LED display is also energy saving. This is because when a transparent LED screen is displaying visual, not all LEDs are illuminated at the same time. When LEDs are not illuminated, there is no heat emission, reducing the power consumption by up to 30%.

Transparent LED display can be adopted for a wide range of applications. It can be used for indoor and outdoor application

Transparent LEDs can create an unique viewing experience as well as meet lightweight and energy saving requirements.

Irregular shaped LED displays

LEDtronics is able to provide irregular shaped LED solutions to our clients, based on their creative requirements. With new technologies emerging everyday, creative boundaries can continue to be pushed, giving way to more shape and size possibilities. Whether you are looking for cube displays, curved displays, or more, LEDtronics is able to deliver and exceed your expectations.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor applications, LEDtronics will continue to provide customised LED display solutions for more challenging irregular shaped LED displays.

Here are some irregular shaped LED displays that we have created in the past.

Our Outdoor LED Displays are designed to captivate, inform, entertain, excite and inspire the audience. Here is a selection of our latest installations.

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